Speednation.com ripped me off

Albany, New York 0 comments
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My complaint with Speednation.com is pretty simple. I ordered multiple items and didn't receive all of them. I was promised by the owner Mike Ancas and his wife Brenda that I would receive it sometime in the future.

I tried to get my money back after some time had went by and Mike and Brenda have refused to refund what is rightfully mine despite concrete evidence proving them in the wrong.

I personally wouldn't do business with them again under any circumstances and I'd strongly urge you to think twice before making a purchase with them.

Review about: Refund.

Speednation - Didn't send all items, refused refund

Albany, New York 0 comments
Not resolved

In short, I ordered 5 items from Speednation.com and only received 4, with a note stating I'd receive the 5th item within two weeks.

After 4-5 weeks went by I filed a complaint with Paypal in an effort to receive monies for the missing item. This agitated speednation.com owner Mike Ancas.

After my attempt to receive a refund through Paypal - Speednation.com owner has refused to refund the monies I am due and practically dared me to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and my state attorney general's office.

I have since filed complains with both agencies and will never do business with this unscrupulous company again !

Review about: Missing Item.

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